I had the absolute pleasure of Art Directing this NFT Drop. OneOf and The Cool Kids (rappers of legendary status) collaborated for The Cool Kids’ 2 NFT Collections. Both evolving off of the original idea of the isometric view of landmarks from their viral record “Before Shit Got Weird”. On the First Drop, We decided on taking iconic scenes and places from their album and created a top down isometric world, full of grit and grime and hailing from a divergent history of Southside Chicago.

On our 2nd Collaboration, we decided to create a generative work of audiovisual art. Working alongside ASync, we were capable of creating a sight/sound parallel between Stems in the music and visual elements in the graphic. Each category of sound had multiple options to pick from and corroborated with a category of options visually.
For Example: The Cool Kids created 2 options of drum patterns, I created 5 options for building color. The Cool Kids created 6 options for vocal stems, I created 6 rooftop arrangements. etc.

The categories were:
Background color = Background Arpeggio
Street Color = Bassline
Building Design = Drum Pattern
Street Details = Synthesizer
Signage = Lead
Rooftop = Vocals

All in all we have 8 categories of sounds, and 8 categories elements of elements on the image. Ultimately, with the help of generative software, we created 1000 unique versions of a song and 1000 unique versions of the Building Design.

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