In mid February 2021, I was contacted by fellow south florida music scene sonic explorers, Floorless. They’re a band I’ve come to admire greatly and when they asked me to create some work for them, I leapt at the opportunity to make animations for their Spotify Canvas.

Floorless maintain an very on-brand Instagram presence for everything they do and naturally, I felt it appropriate to match their aesthetic in animation. The band’s loves imagery of stark black and white brutalist architecture so I figured that is the best place to start. What I ended up with was 10 8-second-max loops featuring glitchy, displaced, noisy and harsh animations that matched their equally nasty sound.

The biggest challenge on the first project was capturing the vibe of the songs in short 8 second de-synchronized loops that I could not rely on always beginning exactly when the song starts, this being a streaming feature, bandwidth and connection come into play. Luckily, I was able to take the individual projects BPM (this being electronic music, I could rely on a steady clock) and make exact timing intervals on 16th, 8th, and 4th notes, giving the essential illusion of synchronized animation.

A few months later I was asked to create a full length video for their NMX x Videl – DISCIPLINE Remix. The trouble now was the complete opposite of the first project, in now that I had to make a full track of similar visuals. The result is a harsh hallucinogenic assault on the senses that Floorless was entranced with from the beginning. The video has been released on the acclaimed Metal Injection and has garnished a ton of love for the band around the internet.

I absolutely love working with Floorless. There is a kinship in the music we create and a love of similar imagery. It’s always a very easy process to work with Matt and Mike.

Check them out: