I met Petey and Gina, husband and wife owners and showrunners of “Spooky Empire: The Dark Side of Comic-Con” in 2018, and we immediately hit it off. They have been running a biannual Halloween convention for horror movie and Halloween enthusiasts for the past 20+ years. Turns out they live just down the street from me and once I made contact, we were off and away working on their very outdated site and look. They were in need of a top to bottom rebrand, but it was VERY important to them to retain that B-Movie, haunted-house-carnival vibe. We wanted to modernize, but not throw away their 20+ year legacy and look.

Their logo was an odd shape which proved a challenge in many ways, to combat I worked up many other ways their logo could be used without the excess burden of Frankenstein’s monster, yet still maintaining Spooky Empire’s identity. Their site also had a very early 00’s look to it. I added some full-width site elements and lots of parallax to bring some life to their shots of the convention.

When it came time to the start preparing for the convention, we began with printing banners, merchandise, preparing videos for the guest introductions, and much more. Covid-19 derailed my participation in the event, but whenever Petey and Gina need anything, I’m a quick phone call away. By far some of my favorite clients I have ever worked with.