Overview: For this project, I was tasked with heading the production of a bilingual podcast for Best Doctors Insurance, an international insurance company. The goal of the podcast was to provide educational and informative content to the company’s clients and potential clients, as well as to establish Best Doctors Insurance as a thought leader in the industry.


  • Creating and spearheading production on a weekly podcast run from 2019-2021
  • Recording audio and video, both in person and via Zoom meetings.
  • Creating the relevant title design and animation for each episode.
  • Single handedly maintained the audio and video of the project, pre-production through post-production.
  • Promoting the podcast through social media and email marketing campaigns
  • Maintained a thorough working archive of episodes, backlogged media, notes, and more.


  • The podcast was a success, with a growing listener base and positive feedback from listeners.
  • The podcast helped to establish Best Doctors Insurance as a thought leader in the insurance industry and provided valuable information to the company’s clients and potential clients.
  • Working on this project allowed me to develop my skills in content creation, podcast production, and digital marketing.

Conclusion: Overall, I was very proud of the work I did on this project for Best Doctors Insurance. It was a great opportunity to create something that was both educational and entertaining for the company’s audience, and I was able to learn and grow as a professional as a result. I believe this project would make a valuable addition to my portfolio as it showcases my ability to create and execute a successful podcast and demonstrates my skills in content creation and digital marketing.




Best Doctors Insurance Launches Weekly Podcast Show