I had the privilege of conceptualizing and designing the digital tokens for participants at the American Express-sponsored Aspen Food & Wine Classic. These tokens not only served as tangible rewards for attending specific activities during the event but also unlocked exclusive discounts to renowned brands like AmexTrade, Monogram, Tilit, Sonoma Wine Growers, and Resy. By collecting all five tokens, guests were entitled to a prestigious “Food and Wine Classic” digital token, complemented by a lavish gift basket and additional digital rewards points on their American Express member cards. The creative vision for this project was rooted in a natural wooden aesthetic, infused with an air of luxury. Responding to the call for a luxurious touch, the Creative team at OneOf delved into the ancient Japanese technique of kintsugi, elegantly incorporating a natural root-like gold pattern onto a captivating blue marbleized texture. This not only elevated the visual appeal of the digital tokens but also brought the concept of NFTs into the realm of real-world, high-end experiences, making the Aspen Food & Wine Classic an unforgettable and interactive event for attendees.